Put YOU in your help wanted ads, people want to work for you, not your building. Danny Benites talks about why work at his dealership.You find your talent the same as Jesus did, He had no building or brand ,the 12 followed and bought into Him, your employees need to do the same





Craig Lockerd Presentation at Internet Sales 20 Group About People Craig Lockerd talks at the internet sales 20 group conference in Atlantic City. The four P’s Product, promotion,process and the most important people. AutoMax has placed over 136,000 people into car dealerships in the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico. Last year over 1400 former military.Craig has 42 years of automotive experience. Owner of AutoMax […]




My First Sale

What was yours like? I started selling cars in the summer of 1974 at a single point Plymouth Dealership in Canton Ohio, Canton Plymouth. We advertised as the “World’s Largest Exclusive Plymouth Dealership”,which probably was true due to the fact there were at that time only about 40 other dealerships in the country that just […]